About Us

Who we are

We are a business in Kenya registered under the companies’ act. As a business, we exist to provide a wide range of products to our customers. We continually dedicate ourselves to high levels of customer service through development of strong customer relations and just-in-time customer deliveries. 
Mimi Africana is known as a business modelled on integrity, competence, quality of service, time conscience,professionalism and diligence.This is the reason we have a more than 90% success rate on all our referrals, which also accounts for just over 80% of all new business

How we work

1. -Identify & Recruit

We try to find the most disadvantaged women and recruit them into our network. Our network comprises of very talented and exceptional women from rural markets,cut off from market opportunties.

train & support

Through a structured curriculum focusing on the latest trends in weaving standards and quality, we take the women through a rigorous 5-day training.

grow & support

Succesful women are launched with a good portfolio to work on. As Mimi Africana, we buy back whatever the women make and sell these off to local and global supply chain.

Worldwide shipping

We ship our products to any destination in the world.


We guarantee the best quality,enhanced by great design concepts.

Best Offers

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Secure Payments

All payments processes happen securely.